|LIFESTYLE|Saving the NHS?

So here we are at my last post…. How emosh! If you’ve been reading since the start you might remember me mentioning how by improving our lifestyle we will save the NHS’ ass (If you’ve only just joined, better late than never huh!). So that’s what this post is going to be about! Just a little round up of the past 7 weeks and how helpful it can be…

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|LIFESTYLE| Head first… Mental Health & Stress

This week’s blog is about something which everyone deals with on some level… Stress, strain and bad mental health days. This affects our whole lifestyle hugely and is something that needs to be taken care of and nurtured just as much as our diet and activity levels.

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|LIFESTYLE|How our friends are greater than we think….

This week’s blog is an interesting one and is something I have never really thought about associating with a healthy lifestyle- It turns out that having regular human connection and friendships can improve your health and actually promote a longer life… & here is why:

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Social Media is a LIE

Go check this out! A reminder that social media is NOT our reality. You go girl.

Inclusion Without Illusion

Social Media. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram…

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We all use them but what effect is it having on our self-esteem, body confidence and just all round happiness?

Have you ever seen someone’s social media account and thought…

“My god, what I’d do to trade lives with them”

I know I have and I think the vast majority of people will have at one point or another. I feel that in recent years this has become more and more common and is affecting young people left right and centre.

Social media originally started out as a way to share and keep family, friends and loved ones up to date on the latest happenings in our lives which I think is a great concept as many of us have friends and family all over the world BUT in recent years it has drastically began to change from sharing family…

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