Technology: Make or break?

As a Marketing student, the digital world is something we analyse and use A LOT, however I’m sitting on the fence in regards to this post from the BBC Health News written by David Lee… Will the NHS be able to keep up?

What do you think?

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Just a spoonful of sugar…Right?

If like me you are a serious sweet tooth then THIS is the place to go for a healthier alternative.

Although I’m not exactly a cook or baker myself and don’t often have the time to make these insanely yummy looking desserts, supermarkets are slowly but surely bringing out healthier and lower sugar snacks that taste just as yummy, so I try to opt for these instead.

For me, low carb high fat diet is ideal (something I will later talk about in my blogs, and completely personal to me), so Katrin’s recipes give me so much inspo! Go give them a look or even a try…

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“As we destroy nature, we destroy ourselves. It’s a selfish thing to want to protect nature”– Yvon Chouinard

How we lead our lives EVEN impacts nature… This post on the BSLM website posted by Tim Smith opened my eyes to the secondary effects of how our increasingly unhealthy and lazy lives are impacting the whole world… and how the whole world impacts us.

Although it seems obvious, this article made me more aware that this really is (as far as we are currently aware) the only planet earth we have, and if improving my lifestyle is going to help keep it turning, I’m DEFOS on board. Are you?

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*In the voice of Ja’mie King*- ILY

If you don’t know Ja’mie King… Google it AFTER reading this post.

Women’s Health Magazine (in particular the Australian one) is another of my go to reads about health and lifestyle. This post here (written by Lauren Williamson) is something only recently I have become so aware of: Friends and the people we surround ourselves by LITERALLY saves our lives. 

“A lack of strong relationships increases the risk of premature death from all causes by 50%”– Australian Women’s Health Magazine (

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Who runs the world? Oh yeah.



Not only is Hazel Wallace (perhaps more commonly known as The Food Medic) someone I respect and follow, the range of topics, information & advice that she talks and posts about are so interesting and of course so relevant to leading a healthy lifestyle/ my posts to come.

Here is one of my favourite posts on her blog… Written by Jane Scullion, I’ll leave this here for you to enjoy yourself, gals.

Martha xx

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