|LIFESTYLE|Saving the NHS?

So here we are at my last post…. How emosh! If you’ve been reading since the start you might remember me mentioning how by improving our lifestyle we will save the NHS’ ass (If you’ve only just joined, better late than never huh!). So that’s what this post is going to be about! Just a little round up of the past 7 weeks and how helpful it can be…

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First of all: The last 6 blogs are soooooo important individually but what is even more important is improving all of these areas of your life… They all work in harmony together. That doesn’t mean to say it all needs to be perfect, as humans that is something we are not, but actively trying to change is definitely realistic. Finding a BALANCE and understanding that MODERATION is key.


BUT WHY I hear you ask! Why should we change all of this? What if we are happy with how things are now?

Well, I have an answer that should confirm just why. Not only will you feel 10x better yourself but the NHS is going to appreciate it BIG TIME.


Did you know that being inactive costs the NHS £1.8billion a year? Did you know that obesity related illnesses is costing £4 million? Did you know that sickness absence costs the whole economy £22 billion a year (with mental health being one of the main causes)? All of these illnesses and issues costing the NHS billions are LIFESTYLE RELATED! Yes, I understand that there are some cases where people cannot help the condition they are in, but for the majority of the UK…LIFESTYLE!


By changing our lifestyle ever so slightly, we are saving the NHS so much money but also saving TIME for the patients and people who really require the help? We’ve all been guilty for going to our GP for a minor cold, or maybe a UTI, and have been prescribed some antibiotics or even some pain medication.


But did you know our local pharmacy can help with these issues? They can now even give out 3 days of antibiotics over the counter! Did you know that the NHS spends more than £70 million giving paracetamol…? Yes, PARACETAMOL. Did you also know you could just buy it for as much as 19p in many high street stores?


Back pain? Initially, buy some paracetamol, but think about trying yoga, swimming, heat, massages or even physiotherapy!

Feeling low or depressed? Meditation, walking or even counselling/therapy.

Heart burn? Avoid acidic foods, eat smaller meals or you even may have to look at your weight.

A cold? Try herbal teas, a healthy diet and lots rest!


Going to the doctor will get you a QUICK FIX and sometimes that is needed however the MAJORITY of the time, you can simply alter small lifestyle habits. This may require effort (ugh, imagine) but you will save yourself time, the doctor time and the NHS money. However, MOST IMPORTANTLY… You are making yourself healthier!


So let’s stop being lazy, make these small changes, look after ourselves and look after EACH OTHER!







Lifestyle Medicine: Lifestyle, the Environment and Preventive Medicine in Health and Disease
Edited by: Garry Egger, Andrew Binns, Stephan Rossner and Michael Sagner.

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